Gery Laskova Enjoying Life, Love, Happiness and Health.


Hi there, my name is Gergana,

or as most of you may know me, Gery. I am a global citizen, real food lover, dreamer, a creative soul, positive-thinker and healthy holistic living enthusiast from Varna, the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. I am 34 years young and happily married. 

I created  Gery Laskova  as a way to share my travel experiences and lifestyle with family and friends so I wouldn’t have to repeat myself, too often. 
Here I publish my own favourite recipes, document my travel adventures and share my life with you.

I’m all about enjoying Life, Love,
Happiness and Health.

That is what I aspire to do every day and the key inspiration that I want to bring across to my readers. 
You can be whatever you want to be in life – the only thing you have to do is give it a try. 
Explore everything and do what you love!

xo Gery