Bottled Water Facts

The reasons why I don’t use bottled water.


If you were offered a glass of tap water or a bottle of spring water right now, which would you choose?Now couple things might run through your mind – bottled water is bad for the environment, but tap water could be contaminated, a spring sounds fresh, while a tap sounds dingy…..and so on.In the end, most people take the bottle every time. But not me! And here’s why:

Why I don’t use bottled water:

It pretends to be safer, but it isn’t!
Bottled water can just as easily be contaminated as tap, sometimes without anyone immediately catching the mistake. Recalls happen routinely.

It pretends to be chemical free when it’s packed in a deadly plastic.
The sad fact is that many brands of bottled water are just tap water in disguise. The water may have been put through some kind of filter, but it’s pretty much the same stuff.

What’s even more troubling, however, is that bottled water can actually contain more chemicals due to the cheap plastic packaging. Some bottles have been shown to leak hazardous chemicals, like Bisphenol A, which can cause cancer, heart problems, and infertility. On the other hand, if your main concern is avoiding fluoride, you may be unknowingly drinking it anyway.

It’s an overpriced product with no real benefits.
We are socialized to think that if something is more expensive, it must have value. Why else would millions of people spend billions of dollars on something from a bottle that they could be getting for pennies from a tap?

Bottled water is simply one of the worst things to happen to the environment – bottles end up in landfills, in our lakes and rivers, and in our parks. They’re made of fossil fuels and contain carcinogens. They’re absolutely terrible. They take something healthy and natural like drinking water and turn it into an environmental travesty.

All sorts of unhealthy and unnecessary things have gone through periods of insane popularity. Just because a lot of people are drinking it, doesn’t mean I should too.

So the next time you reach for bottled water, try to think of a reason – you may not be able to come up with a good one.

Interesting fact:
Big corporations make more money selling water
than they do selling beer. BEER!
And so they put a lot of time and effort into convincing people
that bottled water is worth the price – But it’s not!

You have a choice!

Xo, Gery